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Who can grow medical marijuana in Arizona?

Under the current Arizona state law, if you are qualified patient and you do not have access to a dispensary within 25 miles from your home, you may be allowed to grow your own marijuana. You must indicate on your application if you desire to cultivate your own marijuana plants of are requesting a care giver. The ADHS will review your request to see if your address falls within the 25 mile radius of a dispensary. If the patient is within range they will be notified they are not eligible to grow their own marijuana; if however, one is not present the Department will issue a card authorizing you to plant and maintain your own crop for medical use.

The ADHS will provide each patient with a list of current dispensaries when they either apply for their initial card or when they are renewing their card each year.

Each patient must reapply every year and if a new dispensary opens up within 25 miles of the patient they will be notified during the renewal process.

How much medical marijuana am I allowed to grow?

You can grow up to twelve marijuana plants contained in an enclosed, locked facility except that the plants are not required to be in an enclosed, locked facility if the plants are being transported because the qualifying patient is moving.

How much marijuana can I posses at one time?

The Arizona Law dictates that you can only have "2.5 ounces of usable marijuana" in your possession. If you are licensed by the state to grow your own you can have no more than "12 plants contained in an enclosed, lock facility." (ARS 36-2801)

How much marijuana am I allowed to buy?

You will be able to acquire 2.5 ounces of marijuana in a 14 day period if you are qualified patient or approved care giver.

How can I grow medical marijuana in Arizona?

You will either need to be a registered patient or caregiver for a patient. You will also need to live further than 25 miles from the nearest dispensary to be eligible to grow your medicine.

Follow the link below for more information regarding state laws:
Arizona State Legislature marijuana grower laws

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