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We are a non-profit online Resource for all Medical Marijuana needs & topics. Arizona Medical Marijuana Cards was created by medical marijuana professionals with over 10 years experience in the field. Our network of 20 trusted, liscensed doctors allows us to provide the most accurate and reliable information. We know what it takes to get your card and will happily guide you through the process to successfully obtain your card.

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"I had no idea where to start until I found AZ Medical Marijuana Cards. They helped me move through the steps with ease and I got my card in two weeks. I didn't have any records but they showed me where to go and how to get them. I didn't think I could get one until I met with their doctor and he signed off for me. Now I get discounts online for weekly deals on medicine - great site - Highly recommended!"

"My husband is in the Arizona National Guard and our family was moved to the base in Phoenix. I'm a current ammp card holder and my renewal date was coming soon. I began so search online for a clinic and found this online marijuana resource that had a doctor available nearly every city. So I applied online to see a Medical marijuana doctor in Arizona near our new home. They made it very easy for me to renew and even got my records from my old clinic. If you are serious about getting you medical marijuana card in Paradise Valley then I suggest using this site as it was a very pleasant experience!"

"I had been using cannabis to treat my glaucoma medically for years but just recently moved to Arizona where medical marijuana is legal. So I began to look for a marijuana clinic so I could get my certification. This site allowed me to apply online and had all the paper work available to print out at home so I could show up with paper work in had filled out ready to go. Once at the medical marijuana doctor I was informed on all the legal laws and regulations that came with my AMMP card. I now get legal access to medical marijuana and treat my condition with out fear of being prosecuted by state law. This site helped me get legal and for that I recommend to anyone interested in getting their Arizona medical marijuana card!"

"I was in a bicycling accident while mountain biking in the Tonto National Forest that caused me to have major shoulder surgery leaving me with chronic pain. I tried pills for a while but they made me sick and I wasn't the same person. A friend sent me to this site after he read about it in Green leaf magazine that way I could find a local ammp doctor in Arizona. It worked so smoothly they pre qualified me for my card over the phone and informed me on everything I would need to do and even how much the state filing fees would be. I'm so glad I decided to get my medical marijuana card in Arizona through this site. I definitely will be going through the same process next year to renew my card."

"I was persuaded to get my ammp card in Arizona after attending The Original Marijuana Farmers Market hosted by camp 420. I used this site to locate a local medical cannabis doctor in AZ. I now use marijuana medicinally to treat my chronic muscle spasms and see very good results. Now that I have my card I can get my medicine legally from the Arizona Association of Dispensaries and don't need to worry about the black market. If anyone wants to find a safe and secure way to go about getting your card I used this site and that's exactly what I experienced."

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Crohn's Disease
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  • Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana Certification
    Our marijuana doctors will help you treat any of the following medical conditions and symptoms:
    •Server pain
    •Muscle Spasms
    •Hepatitis C
    •HIV / AIDS
    •Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
    •Crohn's Disease
    •Alzheimer's disease
    •Cachexia / Wasting syndrome

    Marijuana Certification Fees
    Our Marijuana Clinic fees
    $175 for marijuana doctors evaluation
    AZ State registration fees
    $150 for initial and renewal cards
    $75 for initial and renewal cards for qualifying SNAP patients

    Arizona.gov Certified Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
    Once you receive your AZ medical marijuana card, you can get 2.5 Oz's every 2 weeks from an accredited marijuana dispensary. Browse all our state certified dispensaries from Tucson to Phoenix and North to the Grand Canyon!

    Growing Marijuana in Arizona
    If you live over 25 miles from a marijuana dispensary, you are allowed to grow 12 marijuana plants. Learn more or browse our network of Hydroponic grow stores across Arizona.

    AZ Medical Marijuana Laws
    Visit Arizona.gov for any clarifications on AMMP laws or search through our marijuana lawyer directory. When you need help, you need the law on your side. Find the best marijuana attorneys in AZ.